"I thoroughly enjoyed appearing on 'Music Scene Live' -- Allison and Stone were complete professionals, and as someone who spends a lot of time taking in local music, I appreciate their passion for and dedication to exposing a larger audience to some of the best talent in Texas."
-Preston Jones, Music Critic, Fort Worth Star Telegram

"Had a great time, and it was nice to meet everyone from the show, and to be asked intelligent questions about music, although I may not have answered very intelligently, I hope it was found to be somewhat humorous! Thank you for having me and for promoting my music"
-Guthrie Kennard, Singer/Songwriter

"What a spectacular experience it was being on the Music Scene Live radio program with Allison and Stone! The premise for their radio program is perfect and is just what's missing out there in radio land today. Allison asked well thought-out questions, after doing her research well, giving me the coveted opportunity to share my heart with the listening world...even more for giving the artist's inner voices an invitation to the party as well. They are often left out. It was a pleasure. Texas artists are fortunate if they get the chance to be on Music Scene Live and I feel like one of the lucky ones! I see this show spreading far and wide and hope I'll have another chance to sing and share on the program stage once again in the not too distant future! Thank you Music Scene Live for the giving so many talented Texas artist's the opportunity to perform for you, and thank you
-Heather McCready, Singer/Songwriter

"Many thanks for having selected my dog song, for replay. It was a pleasure and privilege to have been on your program. It's been quite a boon for us, really. Our web tracker has Music Scene Live as one of our top five referral sites. I hope you continue to have continued success in the future with both the broadcast, and your own music, as well"
Mike Calaway, Singer/Songwriter

"A few weeks ago I received an email asking if I would like to appear on a radio broadcast called Music Scene Live. Over the years I had done alot of these shows so I agreed, After making my way to the venue I had the pleasure of meeting Allison & Stone
the hosts and prdocuers for Music Scene LiveBeing a songwriter in the music biz is a lonely job, not much fan fare basically most songwriters are the unsung heroes of the music biz. I believe Allison & Stone are trying to change that, this interview was like no other. The questions were well researched. Allison & Stone new their business, and I got the feeling they had alot of love for the under-appreciated songwriter.

I can only hope that radio programmers feel the same way, and give Music Scene Live a chance to catch on with the public, because I believe you have two kinds of music fans. The casual fan that listens to music in their car on the way to the super market and the hard core fan that reads every detail on the artists’ album cover. The later fan wants to know who did what on a record, who the bass player was, who produced the album and" ye"s who wrote what song.

Music Scene Live gives the casual fan this information, and a program like this can only help the music biz. Remember alot of music fans download songs from the internet with little or no information about the song they like,-- this show reminds them that some guy or girl sat down and wrote the song they love, it’s important that people know the songwriters name."
-Earl Musick, Reload Record Company

This show is truly for songwriters and music lovers. Allison asked great questions and showed a real enthusiasm for my songs. I can't wait to come back.
-Damon Miller, Singer/Songwriter

That was huge fun! You are a pro and made it a breeze. Great questions from a great host.  I look forward to working with you down the road!
-David Starr, Singer/Songwriter

Music Scene Live: A Music Fan Haven
Stan Crawford, Singer/Songwriter
June 21, 2013

Music Scene Live is a syndicated show that brings you "live" performances of original music by Texas based singer/songwriters and bands, including candid dialogue with the artists about their music and performing "live" in front of an audience. I was recently invited by Allison & Stone the hosts of Music Scene Live to perform on their program. What made this extra special is that I was already a massive fan of what their program is doing for the Texas music scene. Here's why.

It's amazing how many musicians are in Texas let alone just Fort Worth and Dallas. The number of connections, friends and gigs you can get from this network of budding musicians is overwhelming and wonderful. I found Music Scene Live somewhere around episode 22. It was truly jaw dropping material. Allison is the main interviewer and she has a great way of making the artist answer vulnerable questions but in a comfortable way. She really tries to get to know the artist. It shines a "truth light" on what the artist is really trying to accomplish and that is my favorite part of the show.

One of my favorite interviews that Allison has done is with my friend and fellow singer/songwriter Christa Russell.  I have known Christa for what seems like forever. Forever might be a little much but add a few Jack Daniels to that time frame and it can feel like forever. In a very real six degrees of separation we actually figured out that my Grandmother used to babysit her as child, but I digress. Christa's interview almost brought tears to my eyes. Here is this woman talking about her passion, living her dream, speaking about her songs, what they mean to her and not once had I ever taken the time to ask these questions of my friend. It made me understand that Music Scene Live has created a safe place for an artist to be vulnerable and talk about themselves in a very non threatening sort of way. In a way that most people, even close friends don't even expose. Christa's interview is truly amazing. Check it out here: Show 53.

A lot of people see musicians as background music at a restaurant, playing a regular gig a your local pub, singing in a grocery store as you walk by, or maybe you took the time to actualy go see them perform. The next time you see an artist perform take ten seconds to acknowledge the performer you see as being vulnerable in a very public way and realize there is truly an amazing story behind every single person that gets behind their guitar or microphone.

Thank you Music Scene Live and Allison & Stone for providing an outlet and shining a light on our stories, vulnerabilities, passions and most of all our ART.